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The Chicken Pocket:

This works exactly the same as the Bag of Holding with one exception; it will only hold chickens. Any type of male or female chicken will be able to be placed in the bag as long as the following rules are met:

-There is still enough room in the bag
-The chickens are not mutated or magically modified in any way
-The chickens are still alive

Assuming that one chicken weighs 3 pounds, the following chart identifies the number of chickens allowed in the bag.

Bag Bag Weight Contents Chicken Limit
Type I 15 lb. 81
Type II 25 lb. 166
Type III 35 lb. 333
Type IV 60 lb. 500

Once a chicken is placed in the bag it goes into a state of time stop; it does not age, feed, create waste, sleep, or even move. When the chicken is taken out of the bag it is in the exact state as when it was put in.

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