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The Battle Ends[edit]

Intended for four level 13-17 adventurers.

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Quest Introduction[edit]

The city of Grimvalle has long been a place of early hope and developing light, despite the name. Under the protection of her Clerics and the Gods they serve, Grimvalle has held strong against the evils that blacken the world beyond her walls. However, their hope has waned with the possession of their High Priestess, Sal, by the devil Bel. Now, as the city slips into the darkness surrounding, a group of Heroes has been called to expunge the devil


Grimvalle is a lighthouse in a sea of lingering evil; formed over an abandoned temple to the Archdevils, Grimvalle has seen neither sunlight nor happiness from the surrounding countryside. The inhabitants dared not to venture out, for the rainfall severs their connection to their deities, and the monsters beyond would surely slay any who dared venture outside. The City was anything but dark or evil, however. Protected by Bahamut (See Manual of the Planes page 133) Grimvalle was blessed with a utopia, open to any who could survive the harrowing journey to the location.

That peace was changed when Bel (see The Book of Vile Darkness ) arrived and seized the town with a garrison force of Pit Fiends and darker entities. His motives are unclear, but the town remains alive with her inhabitants. Sending out a call for adventurers of high standing, Bel has begun scheming the most nefarious of schemes.


A town is being held captive by a nearly unstoppable Devil Lord; the PC's must dicover his motives and if possible, stop him.

For the DM[edit]

Bel does not plan on killing the inhabitants of Grimvalle; to do so would lose him his bargaining chip with the PC's. He and the other Arch Devils are attempting to end the Blood War definitively: They will use an artifact known as the Annulus to completely destroy The Abyss and claim victory for the Nine Hells after eons of genocidal warfare. If the PC's succeed, he will simply release the town and remove the surrounding evil from the countryside, content to bide his time in Hell and be fed the souls of the wicked.

Destroying the Abyss, however, will create a vacuum of planar disruption that opens a gateway into the shadow (see D20 Modern for more information). Any creatures, including the PC's, still remaining on The Abyss as it crumbles away are hurled through time and space into a new world, arriving at random locations and random times.

Ending the Quest[edit]

Once the Abyss is destroyed, the quest is technically over, though it does leave a major cliffhanger when the PC's are stuck in the 21st century or back and beyond.

For the players[edit]

Bel wants you to find a weapon that can wipe out an entire plane of existence and use it against his enemies; if you do, he claims he'll leave the town you're trying to save alone, and you can keep any spoils left by other demons you've killed. You are also backed up by an entire Brigade of Baatezu.


Bel: Lawful Evil Lord of the First. Bel is detailed in the Book of Vile Darkness chapter 7.

Sal: Lawful Good Female Half-Dragon. A level 15 cleric of Bahamut, Sal is currently held captive in her own body by the Devil Lord. Still reeling from a previous encounter with the Baatezu in her past, she is becoming more and more fearful of what will become of her. With Bel possessing her, and her deity unable to save her and keep Grimvalle alive, Sal is slowly developing her own independence. If the PC's expel the Devil from her, Sal will begin an arduous adventuring career. For now, however, she constantly screams and tries to expel the devil herself whenever she is in control.

The Abyss: Chaotic Evil Plane. A living, breathing core at the very bottom of the plane, The Abyss has a divine rank of 21, granting it the power of an Overdeity. The final boss of the campaign, The Abyss spews forth demons and other Abyssal creatures to harry the PC's attempt to utterly destroy it. With it's annihilation, the fabric of reality is torn asunder and the PC's are hurled into another cosmology.


The Annulus

Stage One: Ransom Negotiations[edit]

The PC's arrive at Grimvalle and see what appears to be an already too-late scenario: Erinyes fly in aerial patrols all over the city. Osyluth patrol the city streets in groups of Nine, aided by packs of Haraknin (See Fiend Folio for more information) that act as guard dogs. Cornugons menace the cowed inhabitants, standing guard over these prisoners. Violet Rain (see The Book of Vile Darkness) blankets the entire city, leaving divine spellcasters powerless. As soon as the PC's enter, they are immediately surrounded by ten Barbazu, armed with halberds.

If the PC's attempt to fight the bearded devils, the entire garrison goes on alert; The PC's will be hard pressed to defeat the entire occupation, as devils and hellish inhabitants of every variety will descend upon them in droves, tearing them apart in a matter of rounds if they attempt to resist.

If the PC's surrender, another Cornugon descends into the circle, and informs the PC's of the city's current plight. The devil will not negotiate by any means, and soon the PC's are ushered through the town, towards Grimvalle's church. Inside, they will come face to face with the possessed Sal. "She" will inform the PC's of the Annulus, and just what the Nine Hells plan to use it for. She informs the PC's that their death will be a very real possibility, but if they manage to succeed, Grimvalle will not be harmed.If the PC's refuse this offer, two devils drag in Grimvalle's mayor, bound and helpless, awaiting execution orders. Treat this as an intimidate check, with a +4 bonus since the two devils are using the Aid Another action, and use Bel's charisma modifier. If the PC's are intimidated, they agree.

Once the PC's agree to meet Bel's demands, they are escorted out of Grimvalle by seven hamatulas. Then the occupying force ferries the captives of the town to the Nine Hells, where they will remain until the end of campaign, but as long as the PC's keep to their word, Bel will uphold his end of the bargain.

The weather around Grimvalle clears, and the PC's can loot the town. A DC 17 search check unearths various magic weapons that the PC's can use to aid them in their quest.

After they leave the city, a quasit begins following them invisibly, spying on them from the wing. It takes a successful listen check (opposed by the quasit's move silently check) to locate the demon. Every hour that the PC's do not discover the Quasit, three level 8 Vultivor (See Fiend Folio for more information) rangers (using the planar ranger variant from Unearthed Arcana) attack the PC's. Two of these rangers have selected the Two-Weapon Fighting Combat style,the third has selected Archery; this ranger typically stays to the back, attempting to pick off its foes from cover. Each ranger has a fiendish wolverine as its' animal companion.

Once the PC's deal with the Quasit, the encounters with the Vultivor stop occurring, effectively ending the chapter. When the last encounter occurs, the final ranger drops a piece of parchment with the name "Jorren The Bloody" written in the Abyssal alphabet.

Stage Two[edit]

Stage Three[edit]

Stage Four[edit]

Stage Five[edit]

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