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The Abyssal Progenitor[edit]

Intended for four level 1 (starting) - 20 (ending) adventurers.

This quest should be an overarching theme that can be placed in between quests in a given world(s).

  • Prep Time 2 days
  • Play Time 200 hours

Quest Introduction[edit]

The noble of a small town has a younger brother that is a highly revered veteran and combatant who is mysteriously plagued by dark figures and gruesome visages appearing to him in the night. The noble hires the players to track his brother who vanished into the catacombs beneath the town after being physically attacked by a dark figure in the presence of his guards.


The starting town is a small province of a metropolis capitol that has been busy fighting a campaign against inexplicable monsters in the south. The starting town has carried out its affairs with no unusual happenings, with the exception of the noble's younger brother's unexplained visitors.


The noble's younger brother found a passage into a well in the town's square from the catacombs which led him to a door where he was found in a trance-like state. Upon opening the door those that found him were unable to close it, almost as if some titanic force were pushing it open on its own. In this moment a dark black mist escaped the door accompanied by deathly cackling and rose into the air and dissipated.






Ray of Dawn - The temple of Dawn's spear. Longspear +4. 2x dmg to demon and undead. Nightshadow - cloak in Temple of Dusk. +4 AC

Stage One: The Secret Beneath The Well[edit]

The noble's brother becomes possessed and slaughtered the entire house's guard and staff and rides toward the capitol. As the players follow they find reanimated corpses of people and animals that attack without warning. Any players that attempt to turn or rebuke the corpses are stricken with extreme pain and nausea as if something momentarily drains their life energy. The players follow the noble's brother to the capitol.

Stage Two: Angel of Death[edit]

The players arrive at the capitol to find an angel slaying the brother. In an instant the angel suddenly convulses and rises with a sinister grin and sets to destroying the city and killing its people. A cloaked hunch-back monk grabs the body of the brother and flees the town attempting to get the players to follow him. The monk miraculously revives the brother outside the town

Stage Three: The Temple of Dawn[edit]

The monk leads the players across the mountains to a deserted tower which he explains is the temple of dawn. There the players find a powerful spear that emanates light and supports the structure of the tower that collapses when it's removed. When they escape the collapsing tower the players notice a dark cloud stretching across the sky over the capitol.

Stage Four: {{{The Invasion of Glovendahl}}}[edit]

The monk leads the players to a small dwarven encampment on the way to a second tower just in time to help them repel a massive orc/goblin invasion complete with an enslaved athac. The goblin leader is a possessed fiend with abilities that seem far beyond the realm of a normal goblin.

Stage Five: The Temple of Dusk[edit]

The monk leads the players into a dark swamp where the are attacked by a nightmare and discover a grey render guarding a flock of woodland animals from horrors lurking in the depths of the dead lands surrounding. The players accidentally discover that the monk is an angel of death in disguise while he kills an on-coming catoblepas while he thinks the players sleep. They are led to a tower where they find a magical cloak and are ambushed by a strange glowing angel-like figure with no mouth that uses a massive array of strange powers to teleport, duplicate itself and temporarily blind the players. The players discover that the inside of the cloak is a doorway to a dark world, which they must enter as the brother comes rushing in only to be engulfed by a moving blackout of debris and dark mist.

Stage Six: Tiamat's Bastion[edit]

The players find themselves in a dark world with no features and only a pinpoint of light on the horizon. Following the light, they come into a room with 100 doorways and an old man whom they find out is the god Tiamat, looking into a well watching worlds burn and fall into darkness through the well. Tiamat explains that in the circular room each door leads to a different existence with time flowing away from the center and that they are being stalked by the Heaven's Guard, angels without conscience who can move freely between door ways. Tiamat sends the players through a door to a world parallel their own.

Stage Seven: Hellfire Assassin[edit]

Stage Eight: Maw of Chaos[edit]

Stage Nine: Ouroboros[edit]

Stage Ten: Ancient History[edit]

Stage Eleven: What The Future Holds[edit]

Stage Twelve: City of The Forgotten[edit]

Stage Thirteen: Falling Into Darkness[edit]

Stage Fourteen: City of Frozen Tears[edit]

Stage Fifteen: Dusk of Worlds[edit]

Stage Sixteen: The Key To Oblivion[edit]

Stage Seventeen: Valhalla[edit]

Stage Eighteen: Seven Circles of Hell[edit]

Stage Nineteen: Cradle of Destruction[edit]

Stage Twenty: The Battle For Heaven and Earth[edit]

Stage Twenty One: The Temple of Dreams[edit]

Stage Twenty Two: End of Eons[edit]

The players exit the temple of dreams in the last remaining world. They see a Tarasque approaching. After killing it using the gathered weapons Hadried arises from the ashes. The players battle the anti-god outright to the finish. Whoever kills Hadried becomes him and ultimately sends all worlds into an ever consuming darkness awaiting the re-emergence of light in the universe.

At this time, everyone proceeds to shout "Holla at ya boi"

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