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  • Size = medium
  • Type = female elf noble, fighter lvl: 5
  • Hit dice = 5d10
  • Hit points = 40
  • Armor class = 10
  • Strength = 13
  • Dexterity = 12
  • Intelligence = 11
  • Wisdom = 10
  • Constitution = 12
  • Charisma = 18
  • Alignment = N
  • Magic resistance = 60%
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More information...


In the town of Yomesh in the Acheron plane. She is missing though!


Tall, beautiful women. She is the mayors daughter. She was kidnapped!


She fights with a sword +2.


sword +2, Box of Secrets which Contains 10,000gold in gems.


She lives in the town of Yomesh, in the Acheron plane. She is the daughter of the mayor. She is royalty. She is in love with Count Valdir. she knows that he is a vampire and she doesn't care. He hasn't bitten her yet. She wants to be with him. She is missing!!

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