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I don't care who we have to smoke or grease, I want those Guns.
Clarence "Clay" Morrow, President - Redwood Original
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Sons of Anarchy
Campaign Setting

Language adapts to the people and places around it, and the Sons of Anarchy are not exempted. The following is common terms, slang and others, that a player may hear repetitively and commonly in the Sons of Anarchy setting.

Sons of Anarchy M/C Terms[edit]

Crow Eater
Term for a female who hangs around or sleeps with members of SAMCRO
Patch, Full
A full and complete member of the club
Patch, Half
A club member who is still relatively new (usually within first 5-10 years of membership)
A term for accepting a new charter of the Sons of Anarchy or for granting full membership to a person
A person who is attempting to become a member of the club, going through a trial period.
Protection Run
A group ride to protect a truck of cargo. Highly dangerous to robbery, good paying.
Nickname for the Redwood Original Charter, short for Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original)

Motorcycle Terms[edit]

Big Twin
A common motorcycle name for a larger model motorcycle, usually excludes the smaller Sportsters
A common nickname for any Harley-Davidson make motorcycle

Sons of Anarchy Setting Terms[edit]

Another name for Charming, given on it's affluent tree life

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