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Symbol: A destroyed text
Home Plane: Office of Eradication of Vile Lore
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Censorship
Favored Weapon: Greatclub
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Termepio-Hinoj was an incredibly powerful champion of Good and Justice. But at one point he deemed some of Sophotherion's studies ro dangerous and blasphemous, and he decided to attack the Great Catacomb-Libraries. However, when he tried to destroy one of the Great Philosopher's experiments, he was attacked by Partelemnax the Brilliant Brain. He recieved grievious injuries, both from the Prismatic Dragon and the experiment (as he destroyed the security measures), but after the fight, he was filled with an borderless hatred, so intense he could not die. He turned into an fervent censor, and most of all, he desires to destroy the Eternally Curious. But even worse, the experiment was on objects that were present when Sophotherion defeated _, There are rumours that there is more behind Termepio-Hinoj's Antiintellectualism than just a bad experience with the god of intellect...


Destroy all knowledge and amoral deemed forbidden and enforce strict research ethics... ever more strictly and judgementally...

Clergy and Temples[edit]

There are several censorship offices and overzealous protectors of virtue pay reverence to him.


While his main enemy is Sophotherion, Termepio-Hinoj despises many other gods he deems frivolous or careless, with various degrees of judgementalness. This paranoia is worse if the deity in question is associated with knowledge. He would gladly ally with anyone who might share his goal of annihilating the Eternally Curious.

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