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History of Temple[edit]

The world of Temple used to be very peaceful, until one day, a massive attack from a bunch of Vampires started to diminish the Human population. Any people that lived went to the City of Temple. The people that live there don't know of any other human life out in the world that may still be alive. The only things that are still out there are called Demons. Pretty much everything that is outside of the Wall that surrounds the Town of Temple is considered a demon. No one usually goes out of the Town, in fear of being attacked and killed. This all happened because of the Undead Assualt, known as the Rupture.

The Rupture[edit]

The Rupture was a global slaughter that had nearly wiped the entire human race off the face of the planet. It had changed everything. Vampires had emerged from the shadows one winter dragging all manner of wicked with them, and in one clean sweep had consumed the World. Shapeshifters had prowled the streets in daylight. Hunting Were-Bears, Were-Lions, and Were-Whatever-The-Hell-You-Can-Think-Of had feasted on Human Flesh. Goblins tore people limb from limb and roasted them in dumpster-sized stew pots. They had raped the screaming women and produced more deformed offspring. Powerful Witches had cast spells that stopped the hearts of entire cities, made all things in a thousand-mile radius just stop.

Within weeks governments had fallen. Monarchies had been eliminated; a warped genocide; madness. No one but the crazies who had believed in such things were prepared. They knew how to protect themselves with stakes, silver, and hiding places underground. Otherwise only the strong, quick and the smart had survived. The barbaric culling of the human race left us scattered across the world in tiny pockets of civilization. These communities of people put aside old hates based on colour and religion, and some races, and blended together until the human race was a convergence unlike anyting ever predicted. The human race lived in an overcrowded region of land surrounded by Electricity, a patch of city untouched by the horror Outside.

At least, that's what the Priests told them in their sermons. Most people alive nowadays were too young to remember what had happened, and the old ones who had experienced it had died of old age years before. Against all odds, endangered humankind had survived and had the Sect. to thank. A group of human men and women had erected the Wall, and set the strongest of us as guardians. Determined to keep fighting and to survive at all costs, they selected new protectors from the masses seeking sanctuary and trained them to hunt the monsters that had stolen the planet. Those protectors were the Clerics. They hunted down any Demon that dared step into the territory.

The Wall[edit]

Around the Towns and Cities of Temple, there is a huge wall that surrounds the whole town or City. It is covered in Electricty. There is a small opening that is on one side of the wall. That is for passage outside of the Town, but people barely use that area at all. That small opening has no electricity, but a bunch of guards, most of the time, and it also has a small Klaxon (sound alarm), that goes off when a demon enters the town.

Stone Bridges[edit]

Stone bridges are what connect most of the continents together. They are very, very long bridges. They are made from the spell Wall of Stone, casted by very high level wizards and mages. Anyone is allowed to pass them. They can be destroyed..... I'll let you guess.... "... cough cough.... Cast a high level Dispel Magic spell... Cough cough..... "


A Hell-mouth is a type of portal that connects the world of Temple, with that of Hell. If you step through one of these portals, you will be in Hell. For more information on a Hell-mouth, click the blue link above.


A Abyssmal-gate is a type of portal that connects the world of Temple, with that of the Abyss. If you step through one of these gates, you will be in the Abyss. For more information on a Abyssmal-gate, click the blue link above.

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