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This character stays alive by keeping moving and darting in to attack and fading out again 


PH, PH 2, Complete warrior/scoundrel/adventurer 

Game Rule Components[edit]

Spells, Powers, Soulmelds, Stances, etc...[edit]


<- None ->


Starting Ability Scores (Before Racial Adjustments): <- none needed but i go for 28 pt 16,14,14,12,10,8 ->

Race (Templates):human for the Extra feat but can work for any race

Starting Racial Traits:

ECL Class/HD/LA Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Feats Class
Fort Ref Will
1st 1 scout 0 2 4 0 dodge, Mobility trap finding, skirmish 1D6
2nd 2 scout 1 3 5 0 Battle fortitude, uncanny dodge
3rd 3 scout 2 4 5 3 Iron will trackless step, fast movement 10, skirmish 1D6 +1AC
4th 1 ranger 3 scout 3 6 7 3 wild empathy, favoured enemy Undead non spell casting variant
5th 1 ranger 4 scout 4 6 8 3 SWIFT HUNTER favoured enemy elemental, skirmish 2d6 +1ac can now crit and do skirmish damage to favoured enemy's!!
6th 2 ranger 4 scout 5 7 9 3 Spring Attack two weapon fighting, skirmish 2d6 +2ac with Spring attack this build steps up a gear
7th 3 ranger 4 scout 6/1 7 9 4 endurance
8th 4 ranger 4 scout 7/2 8 10 4 Animal companion can take distracting attack for PH 2 instead of companion
9th 5 ranger 4 scout 8/3 8 10 4 imp Buckler defence skirmish 3d6 +2ac
10th 6 ranger 4 scout 9/4 9 11 5 Imp two weapon, fighting fast movement 10, favoured enemy constructs
11th 1 tempest 6 ranger 4 scout 10/5 11 11 5 tempest defence +1 AC
12th 2 tempest 6 ranger 4 scout 11/6/1 12 11 5 Imp Crit Kukri Ambidexterity (-3/-1)
13th 3 tempest 6 ranger 4 scout 12/7/2 12 12 6 two weapon versatility, tempest defence +2 AC
14th 4 tempest 6 ranger 4 scout 13/8/3 13 12 6 Ambidexterity (-2/-0)
15th 5 tempest 6 ranger 4 scout 14/9/4 13 12 6 bounding Assault two weapon spring attack, tempest defence +3 AC
16th 5 tempest 6 ranger 5 scout 14/9/4 14 12 6 evasion, skirmish 3D6 +3AC
17th 5 tempest 6 ranger 6 scout 15/10/5 14 13 7 flawless stride
18th 5 tempest 6 ranger 7 scout 16/11/6/1 14 13 7 telling blow skirmish 4D6 +3AC
19th 5 tempest 6 ranger 8 scout 17/12/7/2 14 14 7 improved skirmish camouflage
20th 5 tempest 6 ranger 9 scout 17/12/7/2 15 14 8 skirmish 4D6 +4AC, favoured enemy ooze

Other Components[edit]

Max out tumble and jump, also look at skill tricks they can be your friend here. If you went with Dex 17 you can take imp two weapon fighting as a feat so you don't need the 6 ranger levels but will still need 2 for favoured enemies. If you stick those levels in to Scout you will get blindsense 30 , +10 move, +1 fort save and another scout feat. Take favoured enemies appropriate to your campaign but bias them towards type that are normally immune to Crits


This guy lives on speed (base move 50) as long as he move he stays alive ( needs to move 20 ft each round) AC 22 naked and unbuffed 10 base = 2 dex + 1 dodge + 3 tempest + 6 skirmish add in armour shield(buckler) natural armour and protection items and the AC is respectable. So he has good AC but he does not need it!! spring attack is your friend here run in get our 3 or 4 attacks ( see munchkin-size me) each attack does 6d6 skirmish damage plus another 6d6 on a crit(telling blow)then run away tumbling over things/ people to spoil the counter charge Did i mention that you can do this to monsters that are immune to crits? swift hunter feat lets you crit and do skirmish damage to your favoured enemy's.

Munchkin-Size Me[edit]

The wording on two weapon spring attack and bounding assault are open to interpretation, two weapon spring attack states you can attack once with each weapon when performing a spring attack( rather than one weapon in a normal spring attack), bounding assault states you may attack twice when performing a spring attack. This can be argued that it means you can attack twice with each weapon that you could attack once with in a normal spring attack.

I must just say that swift hunter is one of the most powerful feats ive seen, it let your scout and ranger levels stack for skirmish damage/AC AND favoured enemy's AND lets you Crit your Favoured Enemy's.

Side Notes[edit]

items that increase base speed are great, haste if wonderful (+30 speed). Freedom of movement is nice too (see limitations)


the Saves are not Stella on this build especially Will so any casters need to be killed first ( and 4 attacks each doing +6d6 will take them down quick) Any thing that slows movement is a killer, but it must be magical as natural terrain effects do not slow you due to your scout and ranger skills

DM Counters[edit]

as above


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