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Symbol: Two Swords And a Severed Head
Home Plane: Plane of the to Battling Blades
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Knights of the Two Blades
Clergy Alignments: Neutral, Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Fire, War, Death, Blood, Strength
Favored Weapon: Two Swords (One Demonic Looking One Holy Looking)
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Clergy and Temples[edit]

Taronil has on temple and a few scattered shrines in mountain caves. The Shrine of Two Blades is the temple and the main station of the Knights of two blades


Taronil is the Deity of the Secret order known as the Knights of the Two Blades. The Knights are the sworn guardians of the portal to his domain and his mortal servants. He looks like (or as the knights depict him) A tall Muscular man with long black hair and a blindfold, armor and a cloak. The Blind fold makes sure no god nor man may see his evil eyes. If anyone ever gazed into his evil eyes they would imediatly lose their sanity and start to cause havoc.Taronil was once kind and gentle and lived among a group of magical beings known as the Markia. the Markia were a group of demigods who were very intellegent and playful. Every Day they would all play wonderful games or relax by the great lake by their town or even read the epic litature past Markia had written, but one day a group of warriors in black armor raided their heavenly town. No one knew were they had come from or who they were but the slaughtered all of the Markia execpt Taronil who had knock out when the raid began. When he Awoke he saw all of his friends killed in the most brutal ways. Taronil almost lost his mind he wandered for days and days until he found a lost tome. Inside the Tome he found two swords. One swords was called Falison (holy one) and Daknokar (demonic one). Once toucing these swords he was transformed into a merciless warrior his eyes turned red strange marking began appering all over his body.For strange reasons Taronil stayed in the tome. Over time he had completely lost all desire and emotion, but he had become a master in the art of swordsmen ship. Using his new powers and the two magical blades, he hunted down the warriors in black and killed every last one of them. There were 10,000. Even though he had gotten his revenge in the massive battle the great powers he had obtained had destroyed his home making it a desolate twisted wasteland that he would have to wander for all eternity.

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