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Life and Society:[edit]

Tarchon is a land of peace and prosperity, with teeming cities linked by arrow-straight stone roads. It has a dark side though, of slavery, and the bloody arenas. The nobles of Tarchon are opulent, and oft pacify the commoners with bread and circuses to prevent them from becoming an unruly mob.

Before the rise of Amareth, Tarchon was the foremost power in the world. It still controls several territories in the Basira and Khepri regions, though is fairly content to allow these territories to be fairly self-governing as long as they keep the basic codified laws and pay a few minor taxes.



Tarchon is the largest of the Makarios provinces, and the ruling province. The Emperor of Makarios holds court in Tarchon, along with the Senate. The Senate is made up of patricians, of noble blood that can be traced back to the founding of Tarchon. The commoners, called plebians, have no power other than their occasional tendency to rise up as a bloodthirsty mob.

Tarchon may have been the first nation to ever codify it's laws into written form, and the magistrates use the written law to represent the plebians. Though the patricians still wield the true power, they too obey the laws simply because they know how quickly the city can turn ugly if they do not. The citizens of Tarchon value the law highly. The Emperors of Makarios tend to be builders, and Tarchon has cities of marble to rival those of the elves. Building projects kept the citizens productive and the economy stable, and are often practical in their own rights. The cities are fed by aqueducts and have functioning sewer systems (an advance the gnomes quickly leapt upon and implemented when Shieldmeet was built).




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Population: 25,217 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: Lawful Neutral Gold Piece Limit: 100,000; Ready Cash: 126,050,000 Humans: 18,330; Halflings: 1,043; Elves: 1,539; Dwarves: 1,521; Gnomes: 765; Half-Elves: 1,260; Half-Orcs: 756; Others: 3


Population: 31,224 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: Lawful Neutral Gold Piece Limit: 100,000; Ready Cash: 156,100,000 Humans: 25,666; Halflings: 1,810; Elves: 1,561; Dwarves: 936; Gnomes: 624; Half-Elves: 312; Half-Orcs: 312; Others: 3


Population: 24,884 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: Lawful Neutral Gold Piece Limit: 40,000; Ready Cash: 49,760,000 Humans: 18,207; Halflings: 1,976; Elves: 1,479; Dwarves: 488; Gnomes: 741; Half-Elves: 1,244; Half-Orcs: 746; Others: 3


Population: 10,000 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: Lawful Neutral Gold Piece Limit: 15,000; Ready Cash: 7,500,000 Humans: 9,600; Halflings: 200; Elves: 100; Dwarves: 0; Gnomes: 0; Half-Elves: 0; Half-Orcs: 0; Others: 100

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