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Tapper's Sap of Speed: This +2 chaotic speed sap is made of black leather and filled with lead. It was first associated with Silas “Tapper” Morgan, a thief who specialized in knocking out his marks from behind. Very little is known about the item he used, or how it came into his possession. Folklore maintains that Silas would strike quickly, often getting two or more blows before the mark could even cry out, frequently causing the target to fall unconscious at his feet. Given that users of the sap have a significant self-interest in preventing the more rule-governed members of society from examining the sap in detail — or for that matter those who possess it — has further complicated efforts to uncover the history of this robbery aid.

Stories still popular among seedier sections of society suggest that Silas lost the sap one night when he was arrested by the watch. The guard searching the hapless thief found the sap, but dropped it when its chaotic power harmed him. During the ensuing confusion, Silas escaped, but he was unable to recover this magical item. The captain of the guard examined the sap carefully and would often ask prospective lieutenants to grasp the item. Those guardsmen that could hold it without effort found themselves unemployed. Using this method, the captain quickly created a police force that was dedicated to enforcing the law.

Outraged by the presence of an honest watch and rapidly decreasing profits, Evark Iron Will vowed to recover the sap. Staging a series of raids over the course of a night, he succeeded in drawing the guard away from their barracks and stole the weapon. Soon after this daring escapade, Evark and his associates became involved in a guild war. At some point, the weapon was stolen from him and has not been seen in several years.

Caster Level: 7th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, chaos hammer, creator must be chaotic, Haste; Market Price: 98,301 gp; Cost to Create: 49,301 gp + 3,920 XP.

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