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Tanukifolk often tend to live in small communities or even in solitude. A typical day in the community often includes hunting and prepraring the young for adulthood

Physical Description[edit]

Tanukifolk tend to be about 5'-5 1/2' tall. They tend to have light brown fur and dark rings around their eyes. The eye colors of Tanuki Folk tend to range widely from light blue to a dark Hazel. Tanuki Folk tend to live very long lives.


They often have a good relationship with other animal folk as well as humans


Tanuki Folk tend to lean towards chaotic good, but may be of any alignment


Often occupy Forest, Mountainous, and sometimes desert environments


Tanuki tend to revere gods of nature.


Tanukifolk and Common


Tend to be the same as Humans

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Scent: Tanuki Folk have a distinct sense of smell that can detect anything within 30 ft that has a smell.
  • Perfect hearing: Tanukifolk gain a +4 bonus on listen checks and can always take 10 on them.
  • Human Alter Self: Tanukifolk have the ability to alter themselves to a human form. They only have one human form in their lives.
  • Automatic Languages: Common and Tanukifolk. Bonus languages: Any (except secret ones).
  • Level adjustment, none

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