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Curious for some follow up on anybody that uses this class either as NPC or PC. Also, I will be adding in the Undying Mage, the Undying Guard, and the Undying Servant. Please, I ask that no one attempts to take any of these others and attempt to create them. I already know what I will be doing for each, and simply need the free time. The Undying Mage will basically be the wizard with three twists. The Undying Guard a "Paladin", though not entirely. And the Servant, a sort of Cleric. There will be one or two others after them, but I am not sure what I will call them. The Matron is something entirely different herself. I won't be making her, or any of the other Epic level classes until after I have more experience in epic level games.

Anywho, let me know what you guys think one and all.

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