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A Few Things[edit]

Hope you don't mind if I bring up a few issues:

  • Average Weight: A minor thing, but you should note their weight is in pounds.
  • Ability Scores: You should capitalize both Dexterity and Constitution.
  • Speed: Given how short they are maybe 4 would be a better speed, upped to 6 when they transform into their animal form.
  • Catfall: You said, "when you fall you reduce the distance it falls by 10 feet when determing how much damage you take". This sounds a bit clumsy, maybe "When falling, you take damage as if the fall were 10 feet shorter then it actually is. Any fall of 10 feet or less causes no damage."
  • Commas: Both Ability Scores and Skill Bonuses need to have the modifiers seperated by commas.

Thanks for your time, and I await to see the completion of this race. -- Sepsis 18:12, 1 October 2008 (MDT)

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