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OK, to clear up what an anagakok is, it's a variant wizard class out of DRAGON Magazine. It looks and feels like a druid, and some may even say why not a druid? I wanted Spinning Sky to be different, and not what the players expects them to be. So what if the player expects a caster who casts mostly nature spells to transform into an animal, and they don't? If the PCs are depending on an NPC's class feature to get them through a pinch, they need to look at their lineup and decide what they don't need. A party of nothing but melee in any form without support (ranged, arcane or otherwise) can do well... provided they have access to healing. Without it, they are walking treasure nodes.

Let an NPC be what the DM wants them to be; not what a PC wants them to be. --Gedren56 21:13, 14 February 2009 (MST)

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