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  • In creating this class, I tried to be balanced with the use of spellfire. Trying to avoid PCs from feeding the spellfire or the use of magically charged items being purchased just to grow the power. So, the Preserver has to deal with not only the absorption of spells, but the use of the energy as well. I'm not sure how effective the class is because of needing a saved standard action to absorb spells from enemies. So, I suggest when using spellcraft to determine what is being cast to also allow a sense motive DC 15 by the Preserver to determine if the she is the target. Use DC 25 to determine specific target. --Trey of Riveroak 23:35, 12 August 2009 (MDT)
  • I also need to come up with some balanced feats specific to spellfire. Allowing the Preserver to absorb spells as a reaction rather than using a standard action may make her too powerful, but I would be willing to consider some other compromise. As it stands, the Preserver doesn't have any tailored feats and I considered allowing to take feats as a fighter. I also considered allowing the "control spellfire" special ability to last longer and wield the energy like a weapon. --Trey of Riveroak 23:35, 12 August 2009 (MDT)
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