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This is a very generic class and I feel that there is some wasted potential here. Especially considering what they have to work with, this could become a very interesting class to play:

- Perhaps they should gain ability to manifest lower-level powers when they rage (similar to the Rage Mage PrC from Complete Arcane), with the maximum PP they can spend on a single power when raging increasing at a regular rate.

- They could potentially gain Power Resistance over time due to the chaotic nature of their mind.

- A class like this could warrant it's own special power list, likely focusing on powers of the psychometabolism school as those that effect the natural world (take a look at the mantles provided in Complete Psionic for inspiration).

- You may also want to consider giving them the ability to prolong their rage by spending power points, or even to increase the power of their rage at the same time. Doing so could effectively replace Greater Rage and Mighty Rage and provide some tactical choices for the player that are separate than the ones a standard barbarian character has.

- Perhaps when they rage, they grow some kind of natural weapon, like claw attacks. This would be a great outlet for the many powers currently available to them that require claw attacks.

- Right now, this class is probably a little underpowered as they lose out on Trap Sense, Fast Movement, and Damage Reduction. I would give them Illiteracy at 1st level, similar to the barbarian.

- Also consider knocking the class's BAB down to a the Middle progression (Cleric). As their known powers stands right now, they have access to a number of powers that improve their capability in combat. With a high-BAB and rage they could easily outpace other characters in damage output. With the lower BAB they retain much of their damage-dealing potential without overshadowing characters who choose to focus purely on combat (such as fighters). (There is a reason why there are no core-psionic classes with a high BAB.)

Whoever made the above mentioned suggestions is quite insightful. This isn't my class, and I typically dislike psionics. This class however has sparked some interest.-- Irykyl 11:41, 22 March 2012 (MDT)
Thank you. I design material for my own site, and happened upon this class one evening, and the gears started turning. With the original author's permission, I'd like to write this out in full.
Is your site for personal usage, or is it available for public view?-- Irykyl 10:43, 28 March 2012 (MDT)
Ideally, I would like to post it to my site, and of course here as well. I just don't want to tread on anybody's toes if that's not cool.--Useless Babble
How familiar are you with homebrew items? I've created a few and am trying to get a neutral party's opinion. They are on my user page if you would be interested.-- Irykyl 11:06, 28 March 2012 (MDT)
I haven't forgotten about your magic items. I've been a little tied up, but I've been taking notes on them and should have something for you soon.
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