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Inspired by Prestidigitator I have make this class something more the way I was looking for in D&D, I have copied her and there some lines form Prestidigitator to Presto, I hope that this is not a problem.

It's done, With eager waiting for judgment.... of kind remarks....:) --Onra77 18:25, 24 December 2011 (MST)


I am very happy that my creation inspired you and would be honored to do a review of your class. I will try to find some time here in the near future, sadly I get little time to work on here. Army life and all. --Calidore Chase 17:54, 28 June 2011 (MDT)


I have “combine cantrips” replaced with “Versatile prestidigitation“ witch in my believe is more logical to have learned than the previous one. I have this idea form Lord of Magic (3.5e Prestige Class) the Countenance of Magic.

Combine cantrips: You can add a cantrip in making a magical item with the feat “Toymaker”. You may imbue no more cantrips than your primary ability modifier. Items made with this are still not capable of inflicting damage or granting bonuses of any type. The cost and time will be multiplied with the number of spell(s) and effects of the spell prestidigitation. --Onra77 22:17, 7 July 2011 (GMT)

Ultimate Prestidigitation (Ex)[edit]

When you have 10 levels in Presto than upon reaching 20e level, regardless in what class, you gain the Ultimate Prestidigitation. (Ex)

You have reached the utmost of the spell Prestidigitation.
You are in complete control of you own body.
This has the following benefits:
You don't age any more.
You can live without food or air.
You can heal yourself equal to your level P/P per round.
You can make yourself younger or older or look younger or older.
You can change you hair, eye, skin and nail color.
You can undo all imperfects of your body or create them.
You can undo all injuries and or illness of your body or create them.
You can undo all effects of Aging of your body or create them.

Any thoughts on this? --Onra77 18:50, 9 July 2011 (GMT)

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