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Design Notes[edit]

  • Its spell vulnerabilities do excessive damage because I realize that really big mudmen are capable of having huge amounts of hit points. Also, because damage-dealing (blast) spells ought to hurt more than they do anyway so they can keep up with "real" spells.
  • I couldn't find a good (read: simple) way to handle mudmen combining into one-another. Combine (Ex) only exist because "four mudmen of HD 5, 8, 12, and 17 becomes colossal!" seemed too much. But it's better than my "realistic" idea, which smacked of 1e: derive HD by finding the volume and weight of each amalgamating mudman, add 'em up, and if it's heavy enough to equal or greater-than a row on a table of mudman weights per HD... It doesn't help that I couldn't FIND the weight of mud per cubic foot, and websearching (i.e. looking it up) gave me a WikiAnswers post saying "Look it up!" Sigh. I remember when the Internet was GOOD for this kind of info. </whine>
  • Yes, I know, I gave a CR 3 critter way too many abilities. Sorry. But why should only high-level beasties and spellcasters have a varied attack repertoire?
  • Weapon Resistance (Ex) should totally be given to most elementals and others of a like physique. It would make them less boring I think, and actually worthwhile meatshields to summon. Anyway, this ability seems over-the-top, but remember that most of your damage comes from Strength and Power Attack anyway, so this doesn't hurt as much as it seems to at first glance. It kinda hurts for a level 4 or 5 party (you're supposed to fight these guys in big groups), but this gives alternative attacks like acid flasks to shine.

--ScryersEve 03:37, 4 September 2011 (MDT)

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