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This page needs more work, such as how the stat dissonance between host and parasite can be addressed, and how both can fight as a cohesive whole. There needs to be more information on what can or cannot be attached to, such as animals other than humanoids, magical beings and in particular, undead (wizard leech casts raise dead on goblin corpse, implants, instant host?). Logic and biology dictate that the leech should be able to implant in anything with a working spinal cord, but as to whether this counts undead or not is anyone's guess. I take it that the attribute modifiers attached are for the leech only, which I ammended by saying that the highest non-physical attribute out of leech and host is the one used, but I am not sure how this would work with non-humanoids. For example, a dog which is implanted on may have an intelligence of 3. With the current system, one may easily end up with an int 18 dog, which would be somewhat odd to roleplay with. The only option that I can see is to change that so that the attribute modifiers only affect intelligent creatures, but this would still create dissonance when a particularly stupid humanoid becomes a genius overnight due to the presence of a particularly smart leech. Little help here, D&D wiki Community? -Redgaia- 23 October 2009 01:01

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