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-Great idea and perfect class build, but you need to clean up the page, it's hard to read. It would be cool if you made a base class version of this. -Tyraxor


He only used improvised weapons. I can think of two or three things offhand that would flesh it out more. Try these ideas:

-'Borrowing' a feat. Once per hour, you select a feat and use it for some arbitrary length of time--on round per point of BAB.

-Being able to take 10 on rolls every so often.

Actually, just go look at the Fighter, Tome (3.5e Class). It's someone take on a 'Heroic Improvisor' who gets the abilities to dance around his enemy's weaknesses and a lot of tactical options. The above abilities are right from there.

I love this idea though. Genowhirl


I finally came back after all this time, added a bit to the class, thanks for the suggestions. If anyone wants to edit the page to a more readable set up, "Clean it up", feel free to fix it as i am not familiar enough with the code to do so. Thank everyone for the suggestions.

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