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Overall, this thing needs a good once-over by a spellchecker and grammar checker. Mechanically, this thing is just riddled with issues:

  • Electric Discharge: main source of damage... that deals Con damage every time it's used?! Assuming you are a Dwarf with a maxed out Con, you can only use the ability your class is named after 20 times before you outright DIE? Secondly, what is this? Is it ranged, or melee? Is it a touch attack? Is there a save DC? Does casting provoke AoO's?
  • Bonus Feat: I guess there's no problem with this, but I don't see why you need it.
  • Electric Affinity: First of all, this means that your basic attack goes up faster than a fighter (1/2+3/4= +5 per 4 levels). Secondly, the "this only applies to electric abilities" needs to be majorly clarified. If I attack with my sword, but use Electric Strike, does that count?
  • Damage Reduction 1/2/3/4/Electricity: (note: as written, you are gaining damage reduction that is only overcome by electricity damage; I believe you meant Electricity Resistance). If anything, this is almost underpowered. Since it only applies to electricity, it's not nearly as powerful as the Barbarian's damage reduction. You could easily do Resist 5 @ 5th, 10 @ 10th, 15 @ 15th, Immune @ 20.
  • Electric Strike: does this apply to melee weapons only? What happens if you miss? What happens if you make a full-round action to charge, but the target goes away and you can't hit anymore? Does charging 2 weapons at a time reduce your Con by 2, or just 1? If it can only be used once a round, then what's the virtue of charging 2 weapons? You mention Shapes here, but they have not been mentioned earlier, so this just makes everything more confusing. (Actually, they aren't explicitly defined anywhere else, either. I'm assuming shapes mean Chain Lightning, Electric Line, etc).
  • Element Swap: what now? You have "electro" in the name, but you can just willy-nilly change your element? It's "permanent", but yet you can change it back when you want? What's the point of changing your element if you can't then use it for anything whatsoever? Lastly, air, earth, and water, aren't damage types in D&D.
  • Chain Lightning: what is a "chain effect"? What are the limits of use?
  • Lightning Shield: this isn't terrible, but you need to say whether spell resistance applies, whether you can turn it off, whether there's a save DC, etc
  • Renewing Energy: finally! now at level 16 you can use your abilities a maximum of 12 18 times a day before you start losing Con (well, sort of; you have to lose it first, then regain it)
  • Improved Electric Strike: Does the decreased time allow you to use the attack more than once a round?
  • Electric Line: What's the reflex DC? How can/can you combine this with Electric Strike (if at all)? While you sometimes deal 1d6 more damage than the wizard, he's been able to do this trick since 5th level, and you can't do it until 10th.
  • Energy Resistance: this makes no sense when combined with electrical damage reduction
  • Electric Cone: see Electric Line
  • Electricity field: what, 2 damage each round forever (overpowered), or is it a standard action to use (underwhelming)? Does this include allies? Is the AC/Ref penalty cumulative (if so: overpowered)? Do you get a reflex save to avoid?
  • Electric Stability: why all the uneven Con penalties/bonuses? +3 Con gives you either 14 or 28 hitpoints (plus 1 or 2 per level afterwards); why do you need 1d6 extra?
  • Electric Burst: see Cone/Line
  • Energy Genius: WHAT?! You just broke the game. On the plus side, this class feature obviates the need to define your Reflex save DCs from above.
  • Electric Fallout: Finally, a save DC! Only... you don't say what kind of save it is. If you are going to deal a ridiculous amount of damage in a retributive strike, you shouldn't get a chance to save for it. The DC at level 20 is only 25, and your Fortitude save (I'm guessing it's Fortitude) is you good save, plus you need to have maxed your Con at this point as well. An 800 ft range is ridiculous and makes this feature unusable by anyone in a party (unless they are chaotic evil and hate their fellow players). 0hp leaves you still able to pull out a cure minor wounds potion and heal yourself, and you are at no risk of dying unless you do something strenuous. Even then, dying at 20th level is no big deal... unless you've destroyed your party and their wealth along with yourself. Lastly, anything that's +X/level at level 20th doesn't need to be written here. That's what the epic level section down below is for.

Overall the idea of a electricity-based sort-of-caster isn't bad, but the practicality needs a ton of work. JazzMan 12:17, 7 July 2012 (MDT)

You know I was thinking about this. If I interpret correctly what you are trying to do, you basically have a warlock who only chooses electricity-themed invocations. I would look into the warlock class (Complete Arcane); you will either be able to build what you are looking for there, or else adapt it to make your own class. JazzMan 11:28, 8 July 2012 (MDT)
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