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Holy hell this thing is overpowered. Anyone plan on taking a crack at it to correct? Tivanir 11:23, 19 March 2012 (MDT)

one small point in the right direction[edit]

I think that, at least as a start would be reducing the variety of weapons they can use; mostly on bows, crossbows, and slings I think it will be a start at least. I also have my own idea of a spellsword/mageblade's abilities, they are

Casting dexterity: Spellswords of first level or higher naturally have the ability to use somatic spells in armor without incurring spell failure. Has nothing to do with the dexterity stat at level 10 they gain "still spell" for free so they don't even have to use gestures

Elemental augmentation: Starting at 2nd level, a Spellsword can use Elemental magic to add +2 to damage in an element of your choice to your weapon as a free action once per encounter, or it can be used on up to 50 projectiles that are touching or in the same container. Every other level after the second the spellsword can add +1 to that bonus. (4=+3 damage, 6=+4 damage, 8= +5 damage, and so on)

Lesser aura of detect magic: A spellsword of 5th level or higher begins to naturally feel a tingle when magical sources are nearby, but it needs to be a strong magical energy

Aura of detect magic: A more sensitive version of lesser aura of detect magic, acts as a detect magic spell.

Great aura of detect magic, at 20th level allows the spellsword to not only detect magic, but the source and type of magic it is.

Bind weapon: allows the spellsword to use the "bound weapon" spell from the start as a spell-like ability.

Arcane blast: (gotten at 10th level) as a full round action, charge your arcane energies and release them in an extremely powerful burst 5 power for 4d6+5 to any enemy in the area, but you cannot use spells for 10 rounds after using it

Team casting: a spellsword of 5th level or higher can channel spells usually used on oneself into another character, and the reverse is true, team spells you cannot cast on yourself you can now cast on yourself.

Team casting counterspell: using the same technique as team casting,once a day a 5th level (or higher) spellsword can channel the effects of a magical ailment into an enemy. do a DC15 (d20+cha mod)saving throw to transfer a negative magical effect into an enemy so they have it.

I put in the ideas I had to ask if these are overpowered.

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