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Original Version[edit]

This should not be edited. The author just asked for the original copy to be available on the talk page.


Author: Sarrazon

Lupines are wolf-men. They live in the Dalcord mountains, and often keep to themselves. They have a love of the wilds unsurpassed by any other race, and enjoy nothing more than crisp night in the wilds, while the snow is falling. They are generally good tempered, but take insults very personally, and have a short temper.

Lupines are short and stout, and are covered totally by fur. They are between 3 and 4 feet in height, and between 50 and 100 pounds. They generally have white fur, and green, blue or black eyes. They have little respect for laws, seeing nature to be the true ruler in the land.

Above all other gods, they worship Skadi (asgardian pantheon is worshiped in that part of the world) as she created them, and saved them when the humans would have annihilated their civilization.

During the sundering, Humans discovered how to forge steel, and declared war on the lupines. They struck with surprise attacks, beating the lupines back and burning them out. When they were at the lupines capital city, the many tribes allied, and with skadi's guidance, struck back. Led by their heroes, the four aspects, and their god given powers, they crushed the humans.

Lupine racial Traits[edit]

  • Small size
  • Speed 20ft. 40ft on all fours
  • +2 Dex, +2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Str, -2 Cha - Lupines are agile, hardy and in touch with the world, but now the strongest or most charismatic individuals
  • Nat armor +1
  • Path- Once they come of age, Lupines must undergo training and finish it with a ritual. This is how they choose their path. There are 3 paths. They are
    • Rager-Lupines of the Rager path may rage once per day as a 1st level barbarian. If the Lupine has a class which grants a Rage ability or equivalent, the Lupine may instead use that Rage ability one additional time per day. When they do, they gain a bite attack dealing 1d6 points of damage:Favored class-Barbarian
    • Shaman-:+1 on all damage/healing effects from spells. Favored class- Druid
    • Lone Wolf- +2 on move silently, hide, listen, and spot checks. Favored Class-Rogue
    • Packmate- +2 on survival checks, and +1 on attack/damage when fighting animals-Favored class:Ranger
  • Scent-All Lupines have scent as a bonus feat
  • Unusual Form: Armor fitted for creatures with human body types won't fit a Lupine. Only exotic armor, specially crafted for Lupines can fit them (+50% base price).
  • Language-Common and Lupine
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