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Talk:Low Level Nova (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

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Nice striker build here. Heavy on use though and promotes the 15 minute adventuring day. Going to likely have some defense issues with the self inflicted pain. Also can be done without CV doing 8d6+. Coboney 20:47, 31 August 2009 (MDT)

Thanks :-D Yeah, it has its limitations, but it was mostly an exercise to show the possibilities when you just go all-out with a class. In theory, you can get rid of everything little by little, but the damage also goes down by the same amount. That said, it's also a primer to the basic bread-and-butter combo of duskblades in general. (True Strike -> Channel a spell + Power Attack with a two-handed weapon.) --Ghostwheel 21:09, 31 August 2009 (MDT)
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