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Weapon Descriptions[edit]

This needs to be added to Weapon Descriptions... Also, I feel that someone should cross reference those two lists. I bet so many weapons are missing from it. --Green Dragon 22:40, 3 July 2008 (MDT)


I just read in close detail. 18-20/x3 for one feat? O.O Do you smell limburger? Because OW.... there's a reason why high crit ranges and high crit amounts should never mix. -- Eiji 22:48, 3 July 2008 (MDT)

Oh, it appears I missed the 18-20 crit range with the proper feat. I now second Eiji's previous post. -- Flession 21:32, 5 July 2008 (MDT)

The Point?[edit] be perfectly blunt, why am I going to get this item when I can just grab a Masterwork Bastard Sword (which, according to the DMG, is basically what it is) and have the same crit range and a higher damage output at a lower cost? -- Flession 23:45, 3 July 2008 (MDT)

The answer

1: katanas are awesome

2: the katana may be your proficiency and not bastard swords; so you can get one without a feat

3: apples and oranges. Having a katana or bastard sword is flavor text on it. A character wielding a katana is seen differently than one with a bastard sword.

WEEABOOO... I mean overpowered[edit]

This is very overpowered, 1 feat high crit range and high crit damages. Also it easy of making it even stronger with but a feat (improved critical) and level dips in a PrC. Should be toned down. --Lord Dhazriel 19:44, 14 February 2009 (MST)

Also not to offend anyone the title was a joke btw.--Lord Dhazriel 19:50, 14 February 2009 (MST)

Um... What?[edit]

You know, historically speaking a katana is a thin-bladed sword designed for either one or two-handed use, a cutting edge and a gentle curve.

If anything, that's just a different flavor of bastard sword. The only reason people make it masterwork is because in real world history the katana was usually made with more care and detail to the blade's ability to cut (of course when you live in a country that only has so much of such poor quality metals you HAD to do that, or else it'd totally useless), and social bias formed by interpretations in anime and manga being taken literally.

If any of my players came up to me with this abomination they'd have another thing coming.

I'm not the one that made it, but I know how to make this better; saying instead of it being "too unusual to wield with one hand" say "The very specific and gentle curve of the sword makes it difficult to wield with one hand, so it is exotic" Is that wording at least a bit better? I tried [Signed Cataru]


This entry comes up in a google search for SRD: Katana. It really should be labeled as homebrew more explicitly or you are going to have a slew of players claiming that this overpowered weapon is part of the SRD when it's not. Having a 1d10, finessable, 18-20/x3 weapon that could be wielded by a 4th level Rogue or something?? Crazy!

All of the SRD stuff is labeled as SRD and all of the non-SRD is without a label. I do agree that it might be wise to label all of the homebrew content as such, it would require a lot of change across the entire wiki to do so. Its not a project I'd be willing to take on. Zell Faze (talk) 12:44, 16 October 2014 (MDT)
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