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I've made these changes:

  • Merged ability score bonuses to one line.
  • Reduced skill selection to Athletics and Intimidate
  • Removed languages that don't exist in vanilla 4e.
  • "one non-weapon proficiency" - don't know what this means, so removed it.
  • Removed the total of +12 to skill bonuses, which is way over budget. Replaced it with Bluff as a bonus class skills.
  • Creation of Alchemy doesn't make any sense (alchemy isn't a "non-weapon proficiency" - is the author thinking of 2nd edition?) so removed it.
  • Added Living Construct trait instead of Regenerator.
  • None of the powers made much sense, so I removed them. I'll try and think of a nice encounter power, and some racial utility powers, that fit their theme.
  • The fluff says that "At first meeting with a homunculus, they tend to be intimidating, hostile, and untrustworthy", which is at odds with their Diplomacy trait, so removed it.
  • Corrected the categories. There's nothing in the fluff to suggest that they have the Immortal origin, and their type is Humanoid, not Construct. Marasmusine (talk) 02:12, 19 July 2012 (MDT)

You should reformat the racial powers Ultimate Form, Ultimate Shadow and Ultimate Shield in a similar manner to the way the Drow Lolthtouched racial powers are set up. That way you can use any given racial power in an encounter, you can't use more in the same encounter.

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