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ELETIX SAYS: Consider changing the amount of Eco Energy used to be equal to the Gun Knight's Constitution modifier? Rename "Eco Energy" to something cooler, or something that makes more sense. "Bullet Points"? I'm thinking just, "Eco." There is no reason why this class should be restricted to Humans and Elves. Dwarves might have a problem with it, but we don't want to discourage people from playing dwarves, and there's no reason they couldn't use this class. Normal halflings are unlikely to take up this class, but an adventuring halfling might take this class as readily as the rouge-- stay out of combat, uses Dex. Gnomes are famous for being tinkerers, so this might not work for them. Then again, I don't really understand why you should have an "energy" gun, instead of a normal one. How does the energy actually interact with the weapon? Couldn't you use your Eco to empower a round? Also, if you make summoning the gun and summoning the rounds based on Eco, it makes feats like Quick Draw and Rapid Reload useless, when they are really feats that this class should be worried about. Half-orcs could use this so long as they are smart enough. Half-elves are half human and half elf, so even if only elves and humans can take this class, a half-elf would be able to too. Lastly, the word "Knight" in the name of the class might throw people off, as it generally brings imagery of a mounted warrior.

Alastor420: Thanks, ive been looking for some feedback. I wont lie im more of a rookie player. I got some good ideas for this class. But could i get some feedback on the gun styles? Give me some time to do some edits, but i really appreciate it :]

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