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If you look in Heroes of the Fallen Lands, there's a new Wizard variant (the Mage) that's focused on spells of a particular type. In this case, take the Pyromancer. Even at 1st level, you get to completely ignore fire resistance! Now combine that with Burn Everything, and then you really CAN burn everything, even red dragons and fire elementals!

Incidentally, if you take Staff Expertise (same book), your area and ranged spells don't provoke opportunity attacks, and you get a +1 bonus to hit, to boot!

At the Paragon tier, you should take a serious look at the Master of Fire from Dragon Magazine #388, which gives you the ability to increase the size of any burst or blast spell with the fire descriptor by 1.

HINT: You should also take Expand Spell, Arcane Admixture (Thunder), and Resounding Thunder to push Scorching Burst to the point where it covers most of the battlefield!

Just my two coppers,

Radimon the Red

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