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Way overpowered. gives fourth level tempest ability (reduce two-weap fighting penalty by 2) at first level, gives the second level champion of corellon ability (dex for damage) at first level, full bab, two good saves, 5d6 sneak attack and the ability to feint for free (no chance for opponent to counter it) with a DC 15 tumble check (move a square to provoke, tumble to avoid and feint). also, its entry requirements are LOWER than either of the classes i mentioned (both have higher BAB requirements, Tempest requires SIX feats, and the champion of corellon requires 3 feats plus weapon focous or exotic weapon prof, and proficiency with heavy armor and all martial weapons, and the skill reqs for this are a joke, Swashbuckler 3/ fighter 1 could qualify). reduce the sneak attack to about 3d6 at 10, spread out the reduction to two-weap fighting penalty (shouldent get -1 till at least level 5 (so that the tempest, supossed to be the ultimate two weap master, gets it first (assuming you both qualify ASAP), give the -0 at 10), make the dex to damage scale at +1/level, bad fort save, require combat expertise, and improved feint, let them feint as free action with successful tumble check (DC opponents level + BAB, make the check as free action before feint), or any time you succeed on a tumble check to avoid provoking an AoO (from that opponent) or move though that opponents square (also, don't give it so early), and lastly increase the Flawless Defense AC bonus (to 4-6 maybe), and limit it to one AoO in this way per round. Zau 15:41, 9 February 2009 (MST)

Some Suggestions[edit]

I really like the theme of the class but some things could be changed to improve the class. 1-the swift strike is good but depending on what you do with your other abilities you might want to spread it to every third level instead of every other level. 2-the big base attack bonus is good, but i'm not so sure on the fortitude save. to me this class seems to be a dexerity based class. the good ref save fits but not the good fort. 3-it would be good to spread the ancestrial weapon ability out for example, at level 1 the penalty for two weapon fighting is reduced to -1/-1, at level 3 reduce it to -0/-0, and at level switch the str bonus on damage rolls for dex bonus. 4-flawless defense could be toned down a bit. just switch it to like only one block thingy per tern or make it so you can do it as much as you can in one turn 2/day at level 4, 3/d at lvl 7, and 4/d at lvl 10. except for these points i love the class. good work. -Tyraxor

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