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A Few Things[edit]

  • Overland Flight: While this is a perfectly acceptable way to use flight, an Overland flight speed is practically useless unless the entire group has access to flying mounts or some other form of long range flying ability. But anyways as they are "winged" you should give them some type of trait, racial power, and/or feat based around that (similar to Cambions, Pixies, or Avians), possibly even a feat that grants full flight at around 16th level (like the Dragonborn PP).
  • Fluff: This race will need a lot of this. Besides being an original race, and therefore no additional lore to point to, you have the "Elf Issue". Basically since the designers have taken an position of "no more multiple variations of a singular race" (ie. aquatic elves, wood elves, elves from space, etc.), the majority of gamers have jumped behind this and have an immediate negative reaction when they see a "<Fill in permutation> Elf" (or Dwarf, Halfling, etc.). To avoid that (and to help insure folks will at least give the race a look) you might want to just give them an original name, like "Aviaries" or some such, you can still describe them as looking like Elves with wings but with an original name it eliminates immediate negative bias.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this race progresses.Thank you for your time. -- Sepsis 16:05, 10 May 2009 (MDT)

3.5 Version[edit]

Wasn't there a winged elf in 3.5? That was a fun race, they liked glassmaking and shot arrows with bows using their feet, maybe you could base this off of that? Felinoel 20:56, 12 July 2009 (MDT)

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