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how are you getting 2 feats at 3rd level and the feat at second level? also where does the feat at 11th level come from? and is this bouncing between "any non good" and "any good" classes?--Name Violation 01:19, 28 May 2010 (UTC)

You get a new feat every 3 levels. I also swapped out Toughness per the respec rules in Players Handbook 2. As for 11th level, the same thing. The strikeout feat is retrained for the new feat. The retraining is to improve the viability of the build at lower levels. The build is Chaotic Good, the whole way. Aeauseth 12:11, 01 June 2010 (PST)

not sure it quite works that way, otherwise you could retrain most of your feats at 21st level to make them all epic feats. but i tought Hellfire warlock required evil, but it doesnt. a CG character tapping into LE sources for power seems odd, but there's nothing stopping it. also i interprit Practiced spell caster works like the homebrew feat you listed (i'm under the impression the blast is linked to CL)--Name Violation 19:35, 1 June 2010 (UTC)
You would need to read the retraining rules, but the key is "The new option must represent a choice that you could have made at the same level as you made the original choice" REF. So you can't retrain all your 1-20 feats into epic feats. If your DM disapproves of these rules then this build can easily be modified to use the final feats. Aeauseth 15:12, 01 June 2010 (PST)
ok, so at 1st level you couldnt take improved toughness. how are you retraining to do that?--Name Violation 22:20, 1 June 2010 (UTC)
Nice catch! I noticed that there are two versions of Improved Toughness. This one requires a base Fort +2, which a cleric qualifies for at Level 1. The one on this site requires toughness and a BAB of +3. I need to look thru my PHB35 for the right version. Aeauseth 15:28, 01 June 2010 (PST)
the one with the fort 2 is the normal one. but the point is if you retrain toughness, you can change it to any feat your 1st level warlock was eligible to take, which means you cant make it into improved toughness since you have a fort save of 0 at 1st level. unless i'm totally missing something--Name Violation 22:50, 1 June 2010 (UTC)
I see your point... I reworked the early feats a bit, ended up dropping Improved Toughness all together. The original build dropped Improved Toughness as well. The overall difference is a few less HP thru levels 4-6. Aeauseth 16:17, 01 June 2010 (PST)

How are you getting 54 turns a day. From what I know you can turn 3+cha mod+4 for each extra turnign feat. That equals no where near 54. Am Im missing somehting?

Never mind I figured it out. Its because of the Sacred Exorcist. It would be worth mentioning it a few more places that you are using the fluff that count those separately.

What does "other stuff" mean on the character build?

Not possible to be Binder and Sacret exorcist together no RP compatable[edit]

Sacret Exorcist is someone that try to remove spirits from possesed people Binder is somebode that want to be posses by spirits

DM's way out[edit]

--JayDoubleA (talk) 14:54, 7 August 2013 (MDT)

As a player, I would absolutely love this.
But with my DM hat on, I am trying to find a way to disallow the Turn Undead stacking - even if you substitute Destroy Undead from "Expedition to Castle Ravenloft". And it boils down to the church allowing access to Sacred Exorcist. All it takes is one mean ol' archdeacon to arbitrarily block it, and entrance into the class is denied.
And that is worth considering, for both player and DM, before embarkation on this build.
But even without the Sacred Exorcist, it's going to be fun!
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