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Balance Issues[edit]

  • Ability Scores: The total amount allotted for this is normally +4 (to keep it balanced), and negatives are never used in 4e to balance something. In fact "racial penalties" in themselves no longer exist, so any detrimental trait to a race is a no no.
  • Speed: 7 is a high base speed. I would say a base of 6 possibly granting them the Fast Runner Feat as a bonus Feat, if they are supposed to be really fast.
  • Flight: Giving a race unlimited Heroic level flight is extremly unbalanced. Flight is, at best, an Epic level power and gives them an unfair advantage over every other race available. When creating a race you want to balance it against all other available races, no one race should outstrip all others in such a basic way. Terrain conditions, hazards, and most monsters (among many many other things) do not account for flying PCs at such a low level and in that way give Players who have such a power an unfair edge over not only DM adversaries but over the other PCs as well (even if they don't see it). For these basic (and as I said many many more) reasons WotC has restricted flight to Epic level characters (they aren't "scared" of it, unlimited flight is unbalanced when placed against all other races). Even if a DM feels they can "handle" low-level flying PCs they are doing a horrible disservice to all the other Players who do not wish to play this race by granting an Epic level power to Heroic level characters. Although you may be able to balance this by stating this is a campaign setting specific race, and that all other non-flying races in the setting gain a bonus Feat at time of creation in order to compensate for the distinct and unfair advantage flying gives this race. Still in order to keep this as a race all can use; their wings should perhaps grant a bonus to Jump with additional feats eventually granting limited then full flight at Epic levels.
  • Brittle Boned: This is another "racial negative". I would lose it altogether, its just unfair to the race.
  • Hover: If you rework their "flight" ability into something that grows in power over time this would make a great racial Feat (don't forget the "Hover" property that fly has).
  • Dive Bomb: Good idea, but again it could (and probably should) be rewritten into a racial Feat.

Thanks for your time. -- Sepsis 12:20, 27 February 2009 (MST)

Pain-Resistant just sounds confusing, and may be a bit of an uber ability for a race. Still it might be easier to get if it is rewritten. As is it makes litttle sense. -- Sepsis 12:26, 27 February 2009 (MST)
The speed should be much lower due to the bird feets. These feets are not optimized for running. To balance this bat elf the speed should be 4. And lets make a check on injuring the wings in battle, forests, dungeons, crowds... -- 12:17, 30 June 2009 (MDT)
This has been changed significantly (see history). Thoughts on the balance now? --Green Dragon 01:41, 3 January 2010 (UTC)

Eldei or Elder?[edit]

You refer to the race by both names several times, though "eldei" is much more frequent. If "eldei" is the correct spelling, this page should be moved to the appropriate spelling. -- Dracomortis 16:37, 27 February 2009 (MST)

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