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Rating Bump to 3[edit]

I have the basic framework down and I've begun to fill in setting-specific info in several sections. I feel like Dominaria should get the bump to a 2/5 ranking especially as I keep adding to it. As I don't have info in all sections, 3/5 is too high right now.

Alright I bumped it to 2/5. If anyone disagrees just lemme know and we can get an admin to make the final call. --Ixidor (talk) 22:18, 27 November 2012 (MST)

I bumped it to a 3/5 following with the "These have some, but often sparse, information in most categories." guidance. Any disagreement please post here. If I'm out of line lemme know. --Ixidor (talk) 10:37, 23 October 2013 (MDT)

Rating Bump to 4[edit]

I bumped my setting to 4 because I feel it fits, "These are complete in many aspects, but information is sparse in a few categories." I need to add in more maps and finish the History, but in terms of recent history and feel/variant rules I think it's on the cusp of being great. Really the biggest missing piece is probably still maps, but after Flight Screening I'll be able to get more of those made.

Been adding maps since I got down to Texas! Still a long climb (lots of content in a lot of places) to a 5/5 but it can be done.

Is anyone using this setting?[edit]

I'd love to know!

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