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Hmm... Interesting daily powers... But, good job on the race, overall. I removed the Ability Score Adjustment labelled "Both". It messes up balance if you add more than just the, +2 one and +2 another one formula. just saying. I also changed a few other things for balance reasons. --- Ralcos

Thanks for your feedback! I'm pretty new to D&D and spent a lot of time on this. I made an account to let people know that I made all the changes (sans yours and Green Dragon's) to this race. My friend made "Vampire, Variant" so I'll help balance that. Hopefully those of you who use this race can let me know and what you think of it! :D


I've put a "needs balance" template on the article, apologies if it sounds harsh. I can make some suggestions if you like. Marasmusine 03:58, 9 January 2012 (MST)

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