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The only current paragon path for Black Lions. It balances melee with ranged offense but probably leans more towards melee. The healing surges, temporary hit points, and bear-trap ability make more sense for a close-combat experience. While the extra move actions, the action points for kills, and opponent knock-downs are mostly balanced between melee and ranged usefulness. --Jay Freedman 22:44, 6 November 2009 (MST)

Mendacious Octobers[edit]

Did a little reworking of Green Dragon's 'mendacious', (...seriously?), editing to this classes description last October. Compare this Paragon Path to any competing and similar Path to gain perspective and clarity. There is nothing, 'mendacious', about it. Sigh. So much for objectivity. Can't believe I missed that little 'critique'. Thanks GD. I can't wait for the Christmas Card this year. (...facepalms) --Jay Freedman 01:04, 13 April 2012 (MDT)

That was just coming from the temporary hit points that this paragon path gives one. --Green Dragon 09:42, 13 April 2012 (MDT)
I found the word offensive and incorrectly used. While I might compliment you on the use of so fine a term? Or perhaps your diligence in providing a more descriptive paragraph to the class? I might also suggest a 'simplified' and a 'less frivolous' term be used in the future to avoid such,.. 'misunderstandings'. Thank you for your clarification. (...annoyed) --Jay Freedman 21:26, 13 April 2012 (MDT)
Well, fortunately you corrected the situation. --Green Dragon 21:50, 13 April 2012 (MDT)
Not to be a prick, but I don't understand; "Mendacious" means lying. The original concept of lying hitpoints doesn't seem all that offensive to me... just a little silly. Jwguy 02:38, 14 April 2012 (MDT)
Well thank you for your opinion Jwguy!!! How considerate of you to waltz all the way over here just to express it. My ears are ringing with your praises. I can hear the applause already. All hail Jwguy! All hail Jwguy! Legions of fan-girls all awaiting your infallible perspective. Indeed, you did not just offer 2 cents here! On no. You offered a million dollars worth of bull... (<-- See what I did there. It's call sarcasm. So next time, lets not intrude on two adults talking okay. If I want your opinion? I'll 'ask' for it, smart guy. Thanks. Now go away. Shoo. Shoo. Go on. Buzz off.) --Jay Freedman 00:10, 16 April 2012 (MDT)
Is it that hard to read that people don't see the same hate and evil in peoples' actions that you do? This is a public wiki, not your personal playground to start fights in because someone made a mistake; Everyone is an editor, here, and everyone has the right to their opinion, even to one as irrational as your own. Jwguy 02:05, 16 April 2012 (MDT)

The Bear-Trap Buff[edit]

Buffed the Lion's Bear-trap ability to now include 'all' adjacent enemies. During play, this power sorely under performed it's expectations. Now it can be used a setup for bigger hits later on. Much better lock-down component. --Jay Freedman 22:42, 16 April 2012 (MDT)

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