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Checking Stats[edit]

I do believe that everything is ready to be checked and formatted. I tried doing the skill points in my head while I was posting them, so someone should check my numbers on that part. I did not up the skill points at higher castes for a higher Int bonus, I simply added on the new HD worth of skill points separately.
The pages, if correct in stats, can be separated, and of course, they need their Combat abilities posted into them. (*sigh*) Improved Grab is not listed with stats, and neither is Anakim Alacrity. The latter is a Su ability that grants 1.5x base speed (including Swim speeds) and a +1 bonus to Climb and Jump checks. It works on self only, is dispelled in an Antimagic (and/or Antipsionics) field (since it is a Su ability), and lasts 1d4+Con rounds. Troopers can do it 1/day, and Elites can do it 3/day. I will complete the description portions after they are checked and split. Also, what is the descriptor to use after the link to Niberu, so I can post info about it up as a homebrew campaign world?
Thanks! -- xido 10:49, 24 September 2007 (MDT)
Alright, someone just needs to check the numbers and these should be good to go. --Green Dragon 23:32, 27 September 2007 (MDT)

Final Edits[edit]

This 'Creature' is a subtype (like 'Tanar'ri' is a demon subtype) of the Monstrous Humanoid Type, and specifically a Reptilian and Psionic subtype as well. All Anakim fall under these categories, except for non-Humanoid Anakim-manipulated creatures (similar to the Ti-Khana Template in the Fiend Folio). More to come on the template later.

There are three castes of the creature, similar to the size types of Elementals and other tier-oriented monsters. (Fledgling, Trooper, Elite) Inath versions of these creatures are more common than most other mortal races. It is thought that this is somehow related to their lineage tracing back to The Ancients.

Check Skill Points and modifiers.

Add Improved Grab info to subtype description area.

Detail Anakim Alacrity:

  • Not available at Fledgling Caste
  • Troopers 1/day; Elite 3/day
  • 1.5x Base Speed (and Swim Speed)
  • +1 @ Climb & Jump checks
  • Self only; Su Dispelled by Antimagic (and Anti-Psionics because of Psionic subtype)
  • Lasts 1d4+Con rds.

Relevant Content will be divided between here and d20 material here, and non-OGL content on private Guild pages. Publication material to follow - The Tiamat Chronicles.

Information gleaned about Anakim is due to a Knowledge check (Planes, Psionics, or Monster).

Formatting based on 'Races of ...' series & Dragon Magazine Creature Ecologies. -- xido 10:38, 16 February 2008 (MST)

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