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Discussion moved from User talk:Green Dragon#Incomplete Quest. --Green Dragon 18:31, 10 June 2010 (UTC)

I'm enquiring about the above reference - I'm not sure exactly where to post this, so I decided to contact an admin. This quest apparently outlines the progression for characters starting at level one and continuing up to level 20, and perhaps beyond.

However, it only has the initial information and starting details, and shows nothing beyond that. I would assume that a quest that takes characters all the way to level 20 needs some substantial information detailing how to do this, but it doesn't. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) 16:19, 10 June 2010 (UTC). Please sign your posts!

The wiki has many incomplete articles, why contact an admin about this one in particular? --Vrail 17:15, 10 June 2010 (UTC)
I added stub to reflect. Please add the improving, reviewing, and removing templates as appropriate (Meta Pages#Improving, Reviewing, and Removing Articles). --Green Dragon 18:31, 10 June 2010 (UTC)
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