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Five bamboo leaves in a semi circle and three gentian flowers above


Takezō has influence over all formal duels. Most who follow Bushido worship him. Some, on the other-hand, believe his worship is unjust.

  • Thou shall not kill without ample acumen.
  • Thou shall not steal without ample acumen.
  • Thou shall take unto you the sorrow of others.
  • Thou shall put thine lord above all others including yourself and family.


If you make blood sacrifice upon thine knees, you may appease Takezō. The sacrifice must be an "X" on the palm made with a sword, dagger, or anything sharp really.


To be a temple of Takezō, said temple must have a likeness of Takezō and have no furnishings other than a central sacrificial bowl under the likeness.


You can only accept food as payment unless there are extenuating circumstances. You must donate at least half of your money to some form of charity.

Heralds and Allies[edit]

Takezō's allies are limited to those who practice Bushido.

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