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Symmetric Obsession[edit]

You love being Symmetric in life and hate being Asymmetric
Benefit: When using a double weapon (that weapon having both ends look the same ex. Orc Double Axe)or dual-wield(both weapons the same ex. Two Short Swords with same/if any magical bonus) you gain +2 to attack and damage rolls with that weapon/s. If you wear armor or clothes that are symmetric you lower the armor check penalty by 1
Drawback: The character must never use a shield (he can but must wield-two one in each hand of the same type) or else he will lose the symmetry and gain a -4 to attack and damage rolls if fighting while using a shield. He may fight with a one-handed weapon in two-hands (thus holding it in the center of his body allowing himself to be symmetric) however fighting in this manner is difficult for him and incurs a -2 penalty to attack and damage rolls. A person with this trait may never don armor hastily because it would leave the armor lop-sided and lose the symmetry. Damage doesn't force the person to lose symmetry or cause him to wound the other side to be symmetric however if after combat they must heal themselves or fix what ever is changed to regain the symmetry. If they are not able to repair such things right away (ex no cleric to heal, clothes torn-up, hair cut) they collapse to the floor stunned for 1d4 rounds and will start crying and saying that they are worse then trash and he should just die, the only way to help this person is to 1:fix the problem or 2:kneel down and console the person (ex"there there it's alright your not trash") needing a diplomacy check 5+ level of character if the check is successful the person with this trait will shake it off like nothing happened but incur a -4 moral penalty on all rolls until it's fixed this does not stake with any penalties associated with lack-of symmetry
Special: they character's hair must be symmetrical either from birth or fashioned that way
Roleplaying Ideas: the character may be of noble birth when every where they went everything was perfect (eg symmetric) and he grew accustomed to it since then. For and interesting RP have your character have something about them that will forever make them asymmetric (ex born with 3 white lines on the right side of his hair or a beauty mark on the left cheek) something that is easily seen (face or hair) and is downtrodden when ever anybody brings it up use the rules for if your clothes are torn after battle rules for the depression except on a successful diplomacy check there is no -4 penalty (if you are injured in some other way or your clothes are torn u still incur the -4 penalty) use this only on the the thing you were born with

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