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Sword of Mind[edit]

Sword of Mind is an artifact in the Twelve Swords campaign setting.

This sword (like the other eleven) has a generic metallic colored blade and a black hilt. There is a small white symbol (See Symbol below) etched in on side of the black hilt. The sword is unbreakable, and it will retain an extremely keen edge no matter what it cuts or is struck against, and always gleams with a faint white tinge.

Symbol: banner on pole

This sword acts as a +5 Longsword as well as has the below ability.

This ability can be used 2 times per day. When the ability is activated, all creatures with an intelligence above 4 who see this Sword, become the faithful servants of the wielder unless they succeed a will save (DC 30). They remain faithful until the wielder loses the blade or they are no longer in its area of influence. Possessing one of the other Twelve Swords makes you immune to the effects of the Sword of Mind. Creatures under the power of the Sword of Mind will follow most commands given by the wielder. If the commands are more extreme (example: suicidal instructions), the affected creature makes another will save (DC 20). If the save is successful, the creature gets another will save (DC 30) to free them of the blades influence. If the save is failed, the affected creature carries out the task as ordered.

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