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This object appears to be a sheet of paper containing a map or other similar things, relevant to the current area, but with a small number of errors in it. It will automatically be updated when nobody is looking. When ripped apart, it repairs itself in 24 hours.

However, at the beginning of each day, a random effect happens to the possessor. This effect will go away at the beginning of the next day. If you lose possession of it, the effect goes away at the end of the day, and a new effect will not happen until you regain possession. (In general, you won't know about one of these effects until it happens to you, or if you have some way of knowing (like by seeing it, etc).)

Random effects are:

  1. Lose 250 XP. If you would lose a level, instead set it to the minimum of the current level. This effect is not canceled at the end of the day.
  2. Gain eye-stalks. Roll 1d8 to determine how many. (+2 Spot)
  3. Gain normal eyes (on your face). Roll 1d8 to determine how many. (+2 Spot)
  4. Gain antennas. Lose antennas if you normally have antennas.
  5. Double the number of your arms/hands.
  6. Your body radiates magic of no use.
  7. Become color-blind.
  8. Get +4 to a random ability score.
  9. Get -2 to a random ability score.
  10. Gain wings (1d6: 1-3 = feathered wings, 4-6 = bat-like wings). You can fly 5 ft (good). If you already have wings, these become a extra set of wings.
  11. Any attack you attempt to make today automatically fails.
  12. Once during this day, if your current HP goes below zero (even -10 or lower), you immediately heal all of your hit points.
  13. The first time you take any damage during this day, you teleport to a random location within 60 ft.
  14. Your money (copper/silver/gold/platinum coins) changes into different coins but worth the same amount in total. This is an instantaneous effect at the beginning of the day and does not get cancelled at the end of the day.
  15. Gain an extra set of ears (of a different kind than normal). (+2 Listen)
  16. Any magic items you wear won't work.
  17. The color of your body is different. Roll 1d8 (1=red, 2=green, 3=blue, 4=purple, 5=white, 6=black, 7=gray, 8=yellow)
  18. Your actions are sometimes slightly different than expected. Even when you are trying to do one thing, strange things might happen as a result (nothing serious).
  19. Gain tentacles. Roll 1d8 to determine how many. (Gain that many tentacle attacks. 1d4+half STR bonus. Adjust damage according to what size category of creature you are. If you already have tentacles, these are added on.)
  20. You gain one wish today (you know about it). There is a 5% (1 on 1d20) chance that it won't work, and will have no effect, instead. You can make this wish any time during the day as a free or immediate action, but its effect is reversed at the end of the day.

Random ability scores (1d6):

  1. STR
  2. DEX
  3. CON
  4. INT
  5. WIS
  6. CHA

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