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This granite colored ore, when refined, becomes a nearly invisible blade.

mined all over and thought for as simple granite, this material is always in fused with 2d8 elemental damage of fire, water, air, lightning, or earth, fire if ruby is added to the refining process, water if saphire is added to the refining process, air if its a diamond added to the refininig process, lightning if topaz is added to the refining process, and earth if its a emerald added to the refining process. It can only be formed into bladed weapons.

Svonelium has 24 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness of 15.

‎ SRD Weapons1
Weapon Cost Hardness hp
Axe, orc double +10,000 gp 15 24
Axe, throwing +10,000 gp 15 18
Battleaxe +10,000 gp 15 24
Dagger +10,000 gp 15 15
Falchion +10,000 gp 15 24
Greataxe +10,000 gp 15 48
Greatsword +10,000 gp 15 36
Handaxe +10,000 gp 15 18
Lance +10,000 gp 15 60
Longsword +10,000 gp 15 24
Rapier +10,000 gp 15 24
Scimitar +10,000 gp 15 24
Sword, bastard +10,000 gp 15 30
Sword, short +10,000 gp 15 18
Sword, two-bladed +10,000 gp 15 24
Waraxe, dwarven +10,000 gp 15 36
  1. Any SRD Weapons that cannot be made from this material are omited, as are SRD Weapons that have no game rule changes.
  2. The SRD does not give hardness for this weapon. Any supplied value is the author's best approximation.
  3. The SRD does not give hit point for this weapon. Any supplied value is the author's best approximation.

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