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This build is meant to be a high tech soldier meant to dominate in any arena of combat. This character will shine in high tech campaigns where he can get the best weapons and armor money can buy. This build uses aside from the core d20 Modern book, Urban Arcana, d20 Future and d20 Apocalypse.

Strong 3/Soldier 10/Helix Warrior 7
Military (Drive, Pilot, Personal Firearms Prof.)
Key Abilities
Str, Con, Dex
Key Skills
Climb, Demolitions, Drive, Jump, Knowledge (Tactics), Navigate, Pilot, Survival, Swim
Simple Weapons Prof.(B), Archaic Weapons Prof.(B), Armor Prof.(Light)(B), Armor Prof.(Medium)(B), Personal Firearms Prof.(B), Combat Martial Arts(B), Advanced Firearms Prof.(B), Armor Prof.(Heavy)(B), Burst Fire(B), Armor Prof.(Powered)(B), Ultra Immune System(B), Endurence, Improved Combat Martial Arts, Advanced Combat Martial Arts, Quick Draw, Quick Reload, Improved Massive Damage Threshold, Strafe
Special Abilities
Light Sensitivity, Improved Melee Smash, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Tactial Aid, Improved Critical, Improved Reaction x2, Greater Weapon Specialization, Critical Strike, Haul, Light Sleeper, Survivor, Darkvision(90ft.), Strong as an Ox, Superior Conditioning
Enlarged Form, Neutrad Dependency, Pheromone Repulsion, Poisonous Blood, Very Thick Hide

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