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This weapon is believed to be from a powerful wizard from another world, given as a gift to the lord of the Spire of Elemysts. Kept in the reliquary, this weapon is a powerful tool in which to combatant your enemies and its used to activate the Spire's engine. If the blade is drawn in darkness, the blade radiates a faint-blue light, casting bright illumination out to 10 ft and shadowly illumination out to 20 ft.

+2 Katana (Bastard Sword)
Damage: 1d10+Str slashing (19-20 / x2)
Cost: 85,335 gp
Weight: 3 pounds
Hardness: 12
HP: 12

Weapon Qualities:
+1 Destructive: When sundering items, treat as a +4 katana on damage rolls.
+1 Featherlight: Weights one-half what is normal. Treat as a one-handed melee weapon.
+1 Vampiric: Drains 1d6 hp and heals user equal to half the amount drained on a successful critical hit (minimum 1 damage), although this damage isn't multiplied. This never allows you gain temperary hp. Sunderstrike will heal itself with this ability first, before granting any to the wielder.

Abilities: Pulse (3/Day)

Pulse: With a command word, the wielder may cause a pulse of sonic energy to travel down the blade, travelling into whatever Sunderstrike slashes. Pulse deals 6d6 points of sonic damage, with a DC16 Fortitude save for half damage.

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