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Summon Ethereal Dragon[edit]

As you complete the dance, the cloud which had been gathering forms into the shape of a small dragon.

Level: 5 Component Cost: 100 gp
Category: Creation Market Price: 2500 gp
Time: 1 hour Key Skill: Acrobatics
Duration: 2 weeks

To perform the ritual, one must set up a series of charms and candles in a circle. Then, one must perform the necessary ritual dance. After about half an hour, a cloud of energy from the ethereal plane starts to gather, and after a full hour, the ritual should be done.

This ritual is used to summon an elemental spirit which takes the shape of a small dragon. Inhabiting an ethereal body, these creatures are used as "watchdogs" at Dracon temples. The creatures from this spell are good at preventing intruders from entering, or Hierodules from leaving. While the summoned creature isn't very powerful, it is very fast and hard to hurt, and will keep constant watch over the premises, and will alert the temple guards and priests if anything is wrong. This ritual is performed by priestesses at Dracon temples, but any character with enough dancing skill (or acrobatic ability) can make use of it. The ethereal dragon will dissipate after a fortnight, so it isn't unusual for this ritual to be performed over and over.

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