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Must plan course of action.
Prerequisite: Must have an Intelligence score of at least 14.
Benefit: Whenever you decide on a specific plan of action, you gain a +2 bonus to all checks as long as you are following that exact plan. A plan of action chosen must be specific enough that it does not leave much room for spontaneity (a plan of action cannot be "We attack the kobolds, then we attack the Wizard". It should be closer to "I go and attack the closest kobold to us, while you two attack the next two in the line. Then, once we've taken them out, we'll triple team the final kobold, and once it's down, the three of us will sneak around the Wizard and catch him flat footed"). The DM can determine what plans are specific enough.
Drawback: Whenever there is no specific plan chosen, you take a -2 penalty to all checks. If a specific plan is chosen, but the party does not stick to the plan, you instead take a -4 penalty for the 2 rounds following the break from the plan, from the surprise of the change. If the party does not get back on plan within those 2 rounds, you take the -2 penalty to all checks until a new plan can be formulated. If the party resumes following the plan within those 2 rounds, you gain no bonuses and take no penalties for the following 2 rounds. After those 2 rounds, you gain the +2 bonus to all checks again.
Normal: Normally, plans don't grant any bonuses or penalties.
Special: Cannot gain the Improved Initiative feat. Incompatible with any traits or flaws that involve recklessness.
Roleplaying Ideas: A person with this trait may be very picky about things they consume or places they go. They may even seem Obsessive Compulsive (OCD) sometimes.

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