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Not all creatures possess spiritual weight, those that do are individuals that have experienced a phase of powerful emotions at some point throughout their lifetime. Spiritual weight is equal to the Spiritual Rank the creature that possesses this.

What it is[edit]

Certain creatures emit a field of Spiritual Pressure that affect the mind and body. This power is called Spiritual Weight, emotions produced by this power range from love to hate and all in between. The effect Spiritual weight has on the body shows that it emits what feels like actual pressure on the subjects. This pressure is greater depending on the creatures Spiritual Rank. Also, the amount of emotion another creature shows toward the creature with Spiritual Weight is dependent on said creature's Spiritual Rank. Spiritual Rank can be determined by the creatures background, whether the creature had a truamatizing past or a very pampered one, Spiritual Rank is connected to powerful emotions the creature has experienced throughout their life. The emotion and amount of weight showed is stated on the creatures page.


Your Spiritual Weight DC is 10 + 1/2 HD + Cha, and works in an aura out to 10 ft. As a standard action (and as part of intimidate) you can surge your aura. While intimidating, there is an actual weight on the enemy, as if their load had increased, this also excretes an emotion that has strength dependent on the creature's spiritual rank. You get your Cha mod*10 added as additional weight on the enemy. For a limited time (1 round) you can empower your Spiritual Weight to extend the aura by twice its normal length after 1 round of the extended aura, the creature that used its Spiritual Weight power is Fatigued for the next round.

Spiritual Rank[edit]

  • 1= minor emotion change towards stated emotion and an exertion of 45lbs of weight
  • 2= moderate emotion change towards stated emotion and an exertion of 90lbs of weight
  • 3= major emotion change towards stated emotion and an exertion of 180lbs of weight
  • 4 and up= overwhelming emotion change towards stated emotion and an exertion of 360lbs of weight which doubles with every rank above 4

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