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Like the Ego Roll, this ability is unique to divine campaigns involved in Inath culture. Unlike Ego, which is more variable, this roll stays more solidly defined:

1d20 Roll + Wisdom score + Intelligence modifier + (Qil-Ruri and higher) Class Level & HD

Where Ego is a test of one’s persona against the environment and other deities, Spirit is a more internal, subdued ability check. Spirit Rolls are often used in place or following a Willpower save when abilities involving death, disintegration, paralysis, and polymorphing are used to no avail.

Spirit is the force of a soul’s hold upon the body (or the ‘carnal temple’), and determines a soul’s internal force, somewhat like Constitution determines one’s success in keeping consciousness, hit points, and during enduring activities. Those with the Salient Divine Ability Pillar of Self are granted the ability to use their Spirit Rolls actively, like most use Ego Rolls to gain control (or Divine Dominance) against another Inath entity. Pillar of Spirit grants the ability to add Divine Rank to one’s Spirit Roll.

(*Note: normally Spirit does not receive Divine Rank, because Spirit is a function of one’s Immortal Self, that is, the self that existed before one’s Physical Self decided to incarnate as a living mortal. Prophecies claim that a mysterious and divine being known as simply ‘the Pillar,’ who has an immensely high Divine Rank – ie, around 100 or more – is at the center of this notable ‘first birth’. Few claim to know this entity’s methods or ways, including most deities themselves. Divine Sparks do indeed come from somewhere in the Cosmos, and it is the GMs duty to decide how and where. In the Jashnian Cosmology and the Tiamat Chronicles, Divine Sparks are emanations from the One True Light, a Pillar of Sentience with a Divine Rank of circa 100+ that created even the first sentient beings within itself, making reality possible.*)

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