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Sometimes, the dead can't quite manage to leave the mortal plane behind.

Racial Traits
Average Height: Former Body
Average Weight: 0 lbs
Ability Scores: +2 Wisdom +2 Intelligence -2 Strength
Size: Former Body
Speed: 7 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, Choice of two others
Skill Bonuses: +2 History, +2 Stealth
Undead: You are considered undead for effects relating to origin. Additionally, you do not need to make saving throws against death when you are dying. You also do not have to make endurance checks against hunger, exhaustion, or lack of air.
Immaterial Form: You and your equipment are insubstaintial. (You deal half damage to enemies, and they deal half damage to you. You also can choose to phase through solid objects, but your binding object can't.) Additionally, you are immune to disease and gain resist 5 poison.
Binding Object: At 1st level you obtain a Binding Object. If you move more than 20 feet away from this object, you take a -3 penalty to all D20 rolls until you return to it. If this object is destroyed, you die. This object can be any size from tiny to large and gains 5 hit points for each level of size. Increase the number of hit points your Binding Object has by 2 each level. The object regains health at the end of an extended rest, and you can spend a healing surge as a minor action any time to heal it an amount equal to your surge value. If you do not have a binding object, than take a -1 to all d20 rolls.
Spirits Curse: You gain the Spirit’s Curse power.

Spirits Curse Spirit Racial Power
You swear to haunt your enemy until the end of his days.
Encounter Star.gif Curse
Immediate Reaction Close Burst 10
Trigger: A creature in range deals damage to you or your binding object.
Target: The triggering creature.
Effect: You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls against the target as long as it remains within 4 squares of your Binding Object.

Spirits of the dead are beings who were once of one of the many humanoid races of D&D that have died yet remained on the mortal plane after leaving their physical bodies. Each spirits reasons for remaining are their own, although few understand what their reason is. Most spirits simply wander hoping to find a purpose and move on to their final rest.

Play an Spirti if you want...

  • To have a mysterious past
  • Be often bewildered along with features from other races.
  • Have your past revealed by flashes of insight, often triggered by familiar places or people.
  • To be a member of a race that favors the ardent, rogue, and bard classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Spirits tend to take on the shape that they originally maintained when they were alive, albeit in a slightly vaguer way. Some spirits don’t even take on a definite shape. Spirits gain a more definite shape as they gain a more definite memory of their life before death. Some even appear solid. All spirits do share a few features, such as a thin mist around them, a transparent body, and their strange way of floating just above the ground. The spirits transparent appearance spreads to any inanimate thing they touch, but the object that keeps them held to this plane stays completely solid.

Playing a Spirit[edit]

Most spirits remember incredibly little about their own lives. Only a few strong memories remain, and that is usually what causes them to remain. Spirits are tied to objects that held great importance to them when they were alive. One object in particular is what keeps them physically connected to this world. Spirits are usually bound to this world by some form of unfinished business such as, vengeance against their killer or desire to help loved ones. However, most spirits do not know what exactly kept them bound to this plane. A few spirits are summoned by necromancers as minions, although few of those gain any of their former memories. Their only way to return to rest is by being released by their master, or by following their master’s final order. Like all undead, spirits are not generally accepted by society. They typically live in ruins or the wilderness, usually wherever they died. Very few ghosts show the initiative to complete their unfinished business and move on to the next plane.

Spirit Characteristics: Confused, apathetic, sad, searching, cool-headed

Names: See previous race. Many spirits don't remember their name.

Spirit Adventurers[edit]

Three sample spirit adventurers are described below.

Amelia is a human rogue spirit bound to this plain by the memory of her gruesome murder. Although she can't remember most of her life, she clearly remembers her final moments, including her killers face. She is bound by the knife that her killer stabbed her through the heart with and this shows in her appearance. Although she appears mostly solid, the stab wound from her murder remains.

Gronk is a half orc ardenSpirits Curse: t spirit, bound by a desire to see his wife one last time. He spent about 20 years on the battelfield where he was killed before finding a compact emblazoned with his wife's initials. When his memory of her returned, a desire to see her overwhelmed him and he set out on his journey a bit more material than before.

Scribe is a bard spirit with absolutely no memory of itself; not even its own name. It has a vaguely humanoid form but it is clearly made of mist and has no discernable face. It is bound to this world by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. All that's left of its previous life is a few books. Oddly, one of the books is a journal with nothing written in it.

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